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          How to choose a high quality microscope
          Author:administrator    Released in:2013/5/20 11:51:30    Font:【L】【M】【S

          Microscope is a precision optical instrument, can to its presence in many industries, so the application range is very extensive.
          How to choose the consumer a high quality microscope?

          The 1 imaging quality.As we all know, the working principle of microscope which is using optical imaging principle to

          obtain the microstructure image, quantitative analysis of images, so the imaging qualityThe most key indicators is buy microscope. 

          In the field of image in metallography clear called sharp images. There are four basic conditions: sharp images of high contrast, 

          high brightness, color reproduction .2 mechanical stability.Buy microscope at the imaging quality is not enough,

          but also take into account the instrument durability and stability.

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