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          Safety precautions microscope
          Author:administrator    Released in:2013/5/20 11:50:19    Font:【L】【M】【S

          A microscope can not be damaged, especially touch in logistics, toxic substances, radiation and other dangerous goods, 

          because the microscope instrument is not the design of these protection.Samples don't two microscope is too heavy, it will 

          damage the microscopy sample, preferably not more than the weight of 5KG.Three to know how to protect the eyes, in order

          to prevent may burn the eyes, it is best to filter plug, if brightness is too dark, can also be used to filter out.Four if the situation 

          does not meet the words are not correct operation will not, said gas discharge that can easily make the bulb explosion, more 

          strict key words can cause life-threatening, so when in use must be safety first, to use a gas discharge right bulb.

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